Honoring Beauty

Since I started my business I have been getting the question, who is Evelyn? The short answer is, Evelyn is my Grandmother. Like most people with nine decades behind them, she was many things in her life. She is an artist, a mother of seven children (including my father), and a wife to her husband Alfred for over sixty years. The one thing she has always been and continues to be is, beautiful.

My grandmother Evelyn on her wedding day.

My grandmother Evelyn on her wedding day.

Anyone who knows my Grandmother would agree she is a beautiful woman. However, her beauty is not conventional or typical. Her beauty comes from within and reflects off every interaction she shares with another. Her celebration of beauty is graceful and organic, but not at all quiet. It shows through in her style of clothes, her bold earrings, and her signature color red. My Grandmother’s ability to create and appreciate beauty has always inspired me.

Peonies painted by my grandmother

Peonies painted by my grandmother

There was a time in my life when I struggled with what my appreciation for beauty meant. At times, I felt like I would be judged as vain or shallow if I gave too much time and energy to esthetics. This left me feeling conflicted because naturally, I was drawn to creating beautiful things. Having my Grandmother as an example helped me settle that conflict. There was nothing shallow or silly about her. She celebrated beauty and there was nothing vain or arrogant about the way she did it. My Grandmother taught me how to honor the beauty in life, and for that I am forever grateful.

When it came time to decide on a name for my new business, it only seemed natural to use Evelyn. Her example has been an endless supply of inspiration and education. Without her, I am not sure I would have had the courage to embrace the beauty that truly moves me. I owe my Grandmother much more but using her name was my way of honoring the beauty I see in her.

Author: Meaghan Lemon

Meaghan is the Owner and Designer of Evelyn Loves Lemon, a floral design company dedicated to creating original and thoughtful design for personal events, home, or business. She has had the privilege to study wedding and event design with some of the most creative designers the world has to offer, such as the Zita Elze Design Academy in London, England—the epicenter for floral design education. As a designer, she feels it is important to bring beauty and originality to each design, which is unique and created with each individual client in mind.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, she is currently providing designs for clients in the Southeastern Michigan region, as well as being available for destination events upon special request.

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  • HI, Meaghan! Thanks so much for reaching out today! Sorry I didn’t get your message timely. I work weekdays and today had a few more errands that usual, and thus I didn’t look at my phone all afternoon! I am just sitting down to take a breath! I will give you a call sometime soon to chat for a few. I love your style, and loved the flowers (even when they were 2 weeks old when I saw them LOL) that you used in your design for your friend’s wedding! Take care.

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